BRIE LEON… A love story.


Brie Leon.

The accessories label we’ve been waiting for.

As soon as we saw their ‘Pebble Hoops’ we knew this brand was one to look out for. Our first delivery arrived in store and sold out in record time. Not only are their pieces wearable, they make you feel as though they’re made especially for you. Their uniquely crafted earrings have an almost ‘one-off, vintage’ feel to them, whilst also managing to stay on trend in their very own way.

We re-ordered, and re-ordered, and re-ordered again. Each time picking up items we hadn’t seen before. From their special antique-look necklaces to our newest delivery of intricately carved cosmic pendants, we can’t get enough of Brie Leon.

In their own words…

“BRIE LEON began in 2014, a Sydney-based online boutique which was an antidote to fast fashion, choosing to showcase products that are well made and thoughtfully executed. Most importantly, striving to give customers a uniquely curated boutique experience, while not sacrificing the interactive nature of face-to-face service. “Our ethos revolves around having a connection with each piece that we sell, and each person we sell to.”
With the love of unique finds and personal sourcing, owner Janine Zafra shares her passion by offering a hand picked selection of Jewellery, Accessories and Second Hand Clothing (with the exception of a few new pieces). Based on ‘Your New Everyday’, Brie Leon’s curated and thoughtful selection of staples and accessories are to be treasured season after season.
Enjoy the new twist.”