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Eye Babe Under Eye Mask

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Eye woke up like this… EYE BABE reusable silicone eye masks are megastars at locking in the luxe of your fave serum, cream or oil for a supercharged oomph to your under-eye area. Refresh fine lines, dark circles and puffiness with the help of hydration to the max. These gems can aid the skin’s natural ability to retain moisture, stimulate blood flow and support collagen production like the queens they truly are. Get that glow day in and day out, with these reusable besties by your side! Keep ‘em squeaky clean in their handy dandy metal tin so you can wash and wear until your heart’s content.


Eye Babe Under Eye Masks supercharge the effectiveness of your favourite oils, crèmes and serums by locking in the good stuff. They work their magic by holding serums, crèmes and oils close to the skin, warming them up for increased blood flow and maximum absorption. Neat huh?

Reduce, reuse, re-mask! That’s right – these beauties can be used time and time again because like any true bestie, they’ve got your back! They’re the extra boost your routine has been craving, aiming to help your products do what they do best (but better). Hello glow!


It's Glow Time: This babe is suitable for twice daily use, in your AM + PM routines.

Drop The Routine: Apply her after your oil, serum or crème.

The How-To: On uber clean, dry skin apply your favourite SBH serum, moisturiser or oil and carefully apply your eye mask babes (shiny side down on your skin with the cute logo facing out) and flatten them down to ensure they are pressed firmly (but gently, always) into place. Remember not to go overboard on your skincare product underneath, otherwise your gorge eye masks will slip all around your face (and let’s be honest, that is annoying). Less is more – they prefer to seal down to your under-eye area when only a small amount of product is used. Let them work their magic for as long as you fancy, or your skincare product used underneath advises. When ready, slowly peel back that juicy goodness and reveal some mighty fine, mega glowy skin.

Is she The One for you? She is a lover of all skin types!

For an extra pow, pair with our expert EYE BABE EYE CRÈME for your daily dose of caffeine. Follow up with a dreamy massage from our ROSE QUARTZ FACE ROLLER.


Tired – Look like you've had all the Zzz's you need by partnering this babe with your fave serum, crème or oil for an extra radiance boost.

Dry – Lock in that moisture hit with this silky silicone dream. She’ll keep serums, oils and crèmes where they are supposed to be and work to enhance their absorption for maximum moisture loving.

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