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Mermaid Facial Oil

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Get glistening with Mermaid Facial Oil. This green gleam machine will have you glowing like your inner mermaid, thanks to her silky, dew-inducing formula. Her treasure is rich in Omega’s 6 and 9 – key in the function and beauty of skin fit for a queen. These charmers (essential fatty acids) help to lock in moisture, reinforce skin against environmental no-no’s and revitalise your dazzling complexion.

This babe is packed with vitamins and minerals, with besties Rosehip, Jojoba and Argan Oil on her side. Sea Buckthorn Oil struts her stuff, aiming to reduce breakouts and inflammation. Watermelon Seed Oil helps to detoxify and brighten, whilst Pomegranate Seed Oil aims to prevent damage from nasty free radicals. She’s sleek as water, with swift absorption to have you gleaming on the go! Suitable for all complexions, she’ll be your skin’s new happily ever after.


Mermaid Oil aims to refresh your gorgeous complexion and overall skin health by boosting hydration and essential fatty acids to the skin – win! She gets you, which means she’ll work to mimic your skin’s natural oil barrier to help prevent overproduction. Not to mention, she’ll work to lock in all the powers of your other skincare products!

Mermaid Oil is a show-stopping base for babes who can’t get enough glow. As a skincare staple, this beauty knows how to deliver divine dewiness to your skin on the daily. She’s rich in antioxidants (a special thanks to Pomegranate Seed Oil) and perfect for all skin types! …Girls night in anyone?

She’s packaged routine ready in a glass bottle, with a dropper applicator for that glow on the go!


It's Glow Time: This babe is suitable for twice daily use, in your AM + PM routines.

Drop The Routine: Apply her following your moisturiser and serums to lock in that divine dew!

The How-To: Add 4-5 drops onto clean hands, then gently pat + massage into your skin. Mermaid Oil can also be worn as a natural illuminator on the high points of the face (for that extra glimmer) or used to sheer out your full coverage foundation - simply apply this silky babe as a base.

Is she The One for you? This sea queen is a lover of all skin types!

Get your glow on with SCULPT + INFUSE, our stellar four step routine for loving and balancing the skin to achieve that mermaid complexion! Kick off with our BOTANIC FACIAL SERUM, before dewing up with MERMAID OIL and EYE BABE, finishing off with a relaxing facial massage using our ROSE QUARTZ GUA SHA.


Dry – Home to the sea of nutrients, this gal is the mystic moisture hit you’ve been searching for.

Combination – Get even! This one can aid in balancing the skin’s oil production and dry areas.

Oily – Oils balance oil! This mermaid works to keep things in check with just the right amount of dew.


Pomegranate Seed Oil - A Vitamin C queen with regenerative, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-aging properties up for grabs. Hello bouncy skin!

Neroli Oil - Derived from orange blossoms, this gal is a silky fast-absorber. She's got anti-aging down pat with goals to reduce the appearace of pesky fine lines.

Camellia Oil – A speedy swimmer, this one’s known for quick absorption, whilst preserving that radiant glimmer. She aims to mimic skin barrier without clogging pores, like a camo queen.

Watermelon Seed Oil – Draws her mystic magic from Omegas 3, 6 + 9, and Vitamins A, B + E for detoxifying and illuminating skin.

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