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Lazaward Ring Stack in Lapis Lazuli

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The Lazaward Ring Stack pairs handmade golden swirls on the band with classic Cleopatra’s Bling sphere adornments on its stacker pair, all of which surround the deep blue oval of the lapis lazuli stone.

Lapis Lazuli literally means stone from heaven. The Ancient Romans named it as such from the ancient Arabic lāzaward or sky. They prized its dark blue tone, flecked with gold, and used it not only as an aphrodisiac but also for medicinal purposes. When a loved one was sick the lapis would be ground up and mixed with water to form a poultice. This has led it to be used as a symbolic drawer of impurities when worn as a ring or necklace, connecting the wearer to the higher realms of the clear blue sky.

18k Gold Plated. 

Made in Australia.

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