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Donna Bianca Earrings in Resin

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Green resin gems embossed with embracing hands and the word amore are set on golden studs.

There is a castle that overlooks Fiesole, a hilly town in Florence, Italy. The residents there swear that sometimes, at night, a pale figure appears in the window. It is said to be an apparition of Donna Bianca, a young noblewoman who had fallen in love with a local man. Bianca and her lover were not considered a suitable match, but after pleading with her family her father eventually relented.

On her wedding day, she waited at the window for her fiancé in a dark blue gown with a cream bodice, and shouted joyfully as he approached: Amore mio, sono qui! - My love, I am here! Her joy quickly turned to terror, as two assassins who wished that Bianca had been betrothed to another man came from the woods.

Never able to be parted from her love, Bianca joined her fiancé in the afterlife, and today roams the castle halls using her spiritual powers to help true lovers triumph over hatred.

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