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Body Glow Golden Hour

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Make every hour Golden Hour with Body Glow! She’s chock-a-block full of vitamins and minerals so you can live like Summer every day of the year with the radiant, bronzy glow to match… Is it hot in here or is it just you?



She aims to have you shimmering and glimmering like a bronzed sun goddess.
How you ask? She’ll have your inner beauty radiating from the inside out with Vitamin E goodness to help cancel dry skin and fine lines.

Body oils are known for locking in and retaining that gorgeous glisten with zesty extracts and nutrients. Formulated for fighting back against dry skin, Body Glow is a Vitamin E and essential fatty acid fanatic (she dreams about keeping your skin as plump and youthful as a cherub). She’s a triple threat who can be used in more ways than one for maximum glimmer!
P.S. She’s non-greasy and fast absorbing!



It's Glow Time: Apply your body oils as often as you fancy, whenever your skin is lacking that summer glow (she travels everywhere with us).

The How-To: Shake prior to use. Massage this glowing goddess onto dry clean skin + allow her oil to dry before putting on your cute outfit.

Is she The One for you? She's an all-rounder - this dream is suitable for all skin types!

Ensure your skin is primed for this summer makeover with our DRY BODY BRUSH, a bestie for assisting in removing dead skin, aiming for a fresher, luxurious feel.



For when you need a little sparkle in your life!

Dull – This beauty’s oil base and subtle shimmer will bring a new glimmer and glow to your routine.

Dry - Her oil base aims to restore and lock in that divine dewiness.

Uneven - This goddess can bring a refined shimmer to get you glowing evenly with every application.


Jojoba Oil - She aims to say cya later to fine lines and dry skin, with Vitamin E and antibacterial skills to put up a feisty fight against oil overproduction.

Argan Oil – Her powers are up there with Sabrina, with a Vitamin E and antioxidant rich content that wows. Her fave spells work to balance oil production and improve skin elasticity.

Camellia Oil – Legend says she’s a fast as lighting absorber, who’s just as skilled at preserving skin hydration and radiancy. Her light as a feather texture aims to mimic the skin barrier without clogging pores.

Shea Butter – She’s a lover of moisture retention and earns her antioxidant place with Vitamins A + E.

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